#1 - Myria Collection


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A good selection from simulations to arcade games. MYRIAPEDE is one of the best public domain programs and is worth the price of several disks together! Mastermind is one of the best versions around. The complete listing - MYRIA is brilliant! just brilliant, a 100% machine language centipede type game, SHELL is a Graphics demo, CLEWSO a text detective mystery, BALL another GTIA demo, CIVILWAR an American Civil War simulation, CONE a GTIA demo, LUNAR lets you land on the moon, DIZZY Is a GTIA demo, MASTMIND is an excellent version of the classic mastermind game, MUNCHERS is by Stan Ockers, don't get chomped. With SPIRALS you can draw super patterns and PACDEMO is a design for Pacman and ghosts. In CONCENTR you match the squares, EGGS is for youngsters, LOGO is the Atari logo with 256 colours and COLOURS shows you Atari's full colour palette. 

Autoboot with BASIC. All files are BASIC RUN or LOAD unless otherwise stated. Files with .LST extension should be ENTERed.