#2 - Electric Crickets


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CRICKETS comes from Stan Ockers and has some great music and vertical blank interrupt routines. ELECTRIC is a very good simulation and the demos are first class. ESCAPE is a Graphics demo, VORTEX a GTIA demo. In STARBASE you protect your base from aliens while HYPNOSIS is another GTIA demo. MOTIE is a strategy game where you defend your empire, followed by MELON, a Graphics demo and MATCHES where you must not be the last to pick up matches. In MAZE you must find your way out the fastest and TRENCH lets you fly the Star Wars trench. SAS is another Graphics demo as is STRIPES. Finally SIMON is the classic match the colours game.

Autoboot with BASIC. System Reset will reboot. Hold trigger or key to re-boot to menu. To LIST programs, LOAD "D:filename" and delete line 0 before running.