#7 - Utilities 2


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This disk is a programmers dream! Some of the most useful utilities you will find anywhere from a full scale assembler to automatic line numbering and renumbering to analysis and protection of your programs. It even has a revised DOS with 'one touch' facilities and added features such as sector copying and fast write. COMPACT deletes REMs and reduces memory use, SYNTAB gives you a full analysis of your programs, ASSEMBLE is a full symbolic assembler, COMPARE allows you to compare two listings for differences or changes, Gr9MXSO is a screen dump to Epson for Graphics 9. DUPFAST will duplicate your disks very fast, LOADOBJ is a basic loader for M/L programs. PROTECT will make your programs unreadable, FORMAT will give you fast 'one touch' formatting. RENUMBER is an excellent renumberer indudes GOTOs, GOSUBa etc. MEMTEST is a machine language memory tester and you can generate automatic line numbers with AUTONUM. DATAMAKE will give you automatic program lines for DATA statements and finally LABEL will give you printed labels for all of your disks.

Autoboot with BASIC. All files are BASIC RUN or LOAD unless otherwise stated. Files with .LST extension should be ENTERed.