#8 - Horsing Around


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Another general collection which includes an excellent version of Missile Command plus other games and demos together with a utility for constructing background scenes in graphics 7 using machine language. Also the classic Wumpus adventure game. Only 1 free sector on this disk! HORSRACE lets you bet on the favourite, for up to 4 players. OCTADRAW is a drawing program, draw it yourself or watch, PLUSZERO Is a game of catch the zero, are you quick enough? BLAKJACK is a good pontoon player, SCENE? is a utility to construct scenes for your own programs (with full instructions). SMASH is an all text simulation of motor racing. Then there is HORSE, a classic demo of a running horse. Brilliant! Finally DEMO800 a comprehensive demo about the Atari 800 and TIGER a sort of simulation to find the doctor before the tiger eats you.

Autoboot with BASIC. System Reset will reboot. Hold trigger or key to re-boot to menu. To LIST programs, LOAD "D:filename" and delete line 0 before running.