#10 - Fun & Music 


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Why not stop all that heavy programming for a while and have some fun or relax with some music? A few puzzles, plenty of laughs and some good music. MUSICMAN allows you to write your own music and play it back. NITEMARE is the day your computer took over, can you cope? MADLLB can make up some crazy stories and if you crack up ANALYST might help with your problems. APTITUDE is an aptitude test So you think you are clever, eh? PUFF the magic dragon is some great music. DOGBITE is a game where you must deliver the mail but watch the dogs! FUGUE is more music, some good classical stuff. Want to learn a new language? Try BOTCH, the latest computer language. Did your know Atari was a poet? With POEMS, it thinks it is. Try HORSES for a laugh. Finishing up with some music we have XMASTREE, good seasonal music and STARWARS the well known theme. If you want your own tunes, ORGAN will turn your Atari into an electronic organ.

Autoboot with BASIC. System Reset will reboot. Hold trigger or key to re-boot to menu. To LIST programs, LOAD "D:filename" and delete line 0 before running.