#16 - Mixed Bag


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A collection of many different programs including drawing utilities, demos and games. NSLAUGHT is a superb Galaxian type game in machine code and MAGIC is a GREAT demo of 3D effects. All the others are of top quality. Something for everyone and a good collection to dip into. HAWKS is a game in which you swoop down to catch the animals, CAMEL is a humorous simulation in which you must cross the desert, SPASOUND is a short sound routine with some amazing sounds. OTHELLO is the computer version of a classic board game for two players. GTIADEMO is a unique demo in which you can specify the parameters for different demos. In STATES you must guess the States of America, not as easy as it seems. DRAWGTIA allows you to compose your own demo whilst DIGIDRIF is a drawing utility with text. With PIXELSAV you can draw a picture, save it and watch as it is then recreated instantly. For Star Trek fans, EXTRANS is a must MAGIC is a demo, real amazing 3-D! Last but not least BREAKTWO is a Breakout game for two players.

Autoboot with BASIC. System Reset will reboot. Hold trigger or key to re-boot to menu. To LIST programs, LOAD "D:filename" and delete line 0 before running.