#26 - Binary Games


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We have not previously included a collection of programs from ANTIC or ANALOG magazines but many subscribers have asked for these and so this disk contains many of the fine public domain machine code programs published by ANALOG along with a couple of other machine code programs. Fight the robots in ANDROTON, eat, or avoid, spiders and fruit in ARACHNID, burrow underground in FIREBUG, keep the sparks at bay with LIVEWIRE, protect your planet from attack in PLANET, take on an opponent in RACE IN SPACE, try and land your craft in RETROFIRE, lasso cattle in ROUNDUP or avoid the shooting stars in SHOOTING. Wow! NINE incredible machine language games offering better value than some commercial disks. To top it off there is an amazing demo of the spinning earth.

Autoboot with Basic. Re-boot after each program. All files should be loaded from menu or Dos option L.