#33 - More Games


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Another selection of excellent games of the arcade variety. Get those joysticks out! ROBOT RAID will find you working your way through the caverns blasting gates and fuel pods whilst THIEF requires finer control as you fly your saucer through the levels of a cavern. ZURK is a classic style robot shoot out. It's you or him but mind the walls. ANTIPONG Is a new version of the old classic for two players with lots of variety. A new twist on Space Invaders? SPACE LIMBO has you shooting down the aliens before a descending shield can squash you. A chase game is included in TAXMAN where you must collect all the money before the tax man does. To round off the action Games there is ROM's TVs, a very difficult trampolining/ platform game where you have to fix TV's on various levels. Finally there Is LOST, a massive 3-D maze for you to escape from. Some easy, some hard but hours of fun all round.