#36 - The XL/XE Kit


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An ESSENTIAL disk for all XL or XE owners or those who have just bought a disk drive. All those machines sold a while ago came with DOS 3 which should NOT be used as it is not compatible with other DOS's. The new standard recommended by Atari is DOS 2.5. This disk contains the complete DOS 2.5 with full manual PLUS the XL FIXER to allow you to run those programs which will not run on XLs PLUS a program which allows A RAMDISK ON THE 8OOXL without using extra memory (DOS can be resident). Also included is a one-pass disk copier for the XE and a very useful multiple file copier, allowing you to copy files from several disks in one go, and a speed checker for your disk drive. An excellent collection which EVERY XL or XE owner should have.

Autoboot with BASIC. See Help to load individual programs.