#42 - Special Demos


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One thing the ST has done for existing Atari owners is to spur programmers on to writing some Incredible demos to prove that the 8-bit Atari can still do much more than most 'non-Atarlans' believe. Although there are only a few demos on this disk (because they require a lot of programming), they are the best you will find. Here you have BOINK the 8-bit version of the ST/ Amiga bouncing ball and CESDEMO, a version of another classic ST demo of a bird flying across an animated demo. The 'piece de resistance' though is FUJIBONK an incredible 3D 'bouncing Fuji' which spins as it bounces with colours scrolling down one side. It really has to be seen! The other demo is HOLLYMED which shows 3D perspective effects. No other 8-bit micro can do this!