#44 - Simulations


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Several programs for those who like to sit down for long sessions with the computer pitting their wits against situations in which they must use all their thinking power to come out best. Some very long simulations including TITAN where players have to mine for ore on a far flung planet. Choose how to divide your resources to survive. Includes some animated sequences for the mining sessions and full documentation on the disk to explain the objective. A more unusual simulation is DAIRY in which you have to manage a dairy herd to achieve the best milk yield and survival of your farm! A different and unusual simulation. SAFRYLAND is one of the early 'classic' simulations in which you rule a kingdom making decisions on how to grow and divide the food and generally rule the land. CONVOY requires you to set up and navigate a convoy of supplies during the Second World War. Rounding off we have FISH which Is not a simulation as such but more of an 'exploration' to find where the fish are biting.