#50 - Beneath The Pyramids


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We had to have something special for our fiftieth disk and here Is an arcade adventure that fills up the entire disk. What makes it special and unusual Is that it was originally a commercial program released in the early days of the Atari and now available in the public domain. This is an adventure in the style of the early Ultima adventures where you use a joystick to control your character as he explores a lost pyramid and fights or talks to the foes or friends he meets. You can buy provisions at the bazaar, pick up items as you go along, use objects you find and must generally keep an eye on your strength, health, wealth, defences, provisions etc. as you go. The adventure is set on the Plains of Giza where the Great Pyramid was built 4,000 years ago. It Is now 1932 and you have been sent by the British Museum to discover a priceless artifact rumoured to be hidden in a secret chamber in the pyramid. At night strange cries echo across the plains and the living dead walk beneath the pyramids. Beware of the guardian in your quest! Several files make up the disk and games can be saved to be replayed at a later date.

Autoboot with BASIC. System reset will re-boot. Hold trigger or key after pressing Reset to boot direct to menu.