#52 - Super Adventures 2


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Three more exciting and puzzling text adventures to keep your mind alert into the small hours. ARABIAN is a tale of princesses and wizards in which the Princess Jasmine has been taken by the evil wizard Rex and Imprisoned in his castle. You must find the castle and rescue the princess, but first you must destroy the wizard! ALIEN Is set far away from earthly things and finds you as the sole survivor on a disastrous mission to deliver oil to earth from a far solar system. The ship has crash landed on a small, harshly alien, planet which has no redeeming features except an abundant supply of heavy metals. You need to find provisions and a means of leaving the planet but you must be wary of the THING that massacred the rest of your crew! Back to more pleasant lands in TREASURE. Treasure Island in fact which you set out to find having discovered a map giving the exact co-ordinates of the island and written in what is believed to be Long John's own hand. You have spent all of your savings on the passage to find the treasure and have no choice now but to forge ahead and discover for yourself - Treasure Island! Three more puzzling, intriguing and worthy adventures.

Autoboot with BASIC. System reset will re-boot. Hold trigger or key after pressing Reset to boot direct to menu.