#56 - Super Adventures 3


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The third in our series featuring another three mysterious adventures. In BLAKHOLE you will find yourself approaching a mysterious black hole after many months travelling in space. As you get closer you notice another ship, the Cygnus. A decade ago it had been assumed lost and its crew dead but suddenly her docking bay begins to beckon your ship as lights start flashing all over the Cygnus. Your mission is to escape from the Cygnus and inform the authorities of your discovery. The next adventure, WINDSLOE, finds you in Windsloe Mansion in search of the kidnapped, world famous, 'Pumpkin Man'. Mrs Windsloe is a known witch and the mansion is haunted. Can you find the 'Pumpkin Man' and return him to your original location without being killed by the things that go bump in the night? The final one is KLONDIKE where you are a gold prospector, in search of fame and fortune, who must survive snow, ice and bitter cold in the tundra wastes. Find the treasures and take them to a specified place before you freeze to death in the wilderness.