#58 - Graphic Construction Set


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Two quite different programs, one for those who have enjoyed Beneath the Pyramids and Quest for Power and the other for printer owners. MICRO MAP Is a great utility that allows you to design your own screens for the aforementioned games and then merge them with the originals to create a totally different program. Now you have access to an unlimited number of games to play or give to your friends! PICDUMP is a superb picture printer for Mlcropainter/Koala type pictures which works with Epson, NEC, Gemini or Prowrlter printers and will dump your favourite pictures to the printer. What is unique is that the program gives you a preview of the picture in shades of grey and you can alter any colour register so that the printout will look right! Great! No more wasted paper. Several bonus pictures are included on the disk for you to enjoy or Practice with.