#59 - Mixed Bag III


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A real mixed collection this! Look through carefully for there might just be the program you have been looking for. There is JANE, a delightful and simple bouncing cubes game that young children will love. A couple of great machine language games are LIVEWIRE2 and DEMONBRD, the former of course a follow up to the original based on the arcade Tempest, only better and more involved. STARBLS is game in the Defender style written in Basic but still extremely playable and enjoyable. There is another machine language game called RAINSTORM which is simple in concept but difficult to play, just catch the money but avoid the rain. Not easy! If you don't like games check out the home utilities. There is CHECKBK to help you balance your bank account, together with a good DATABASE program that might be just what you need for those odd record keeping jobs. Finally, a text editor called appropriately enough TEXTEDIT that is simple but functional and which even novice programmers will be able to modify as they wish. Quite a varied collection with some great programs.