#64 - Flying & Diving


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Six great games to show you that you don t need to program in machine code to write fine games. These show just what can be achieved using Basic. SPYPLANE is a Scramble type game with very smooth horizontal scrolling, can you fly through laser protected caverns in order to find the suitcases! DIVER has you recovering treasure from the sea-bed. Easy? Not with the man-eating octopus and human destroying nuclear submarine! Meanwhile up in space, a BOPOTRON tries to re-charge batteries In a spaceship and to test your brain cells to the limit we have RECALL, guaranteed to make sure you don't get amnesial If you do, you could always try to become a member of the U.S. Senate in DRKHORSE, a superb simulation that will have you coming back time after time. Finally, In BASBURG you have to make burgers before the burgers make your day! This really is a fine collection of games for all owners.