#67 - Stimulating Simulations


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Some long and complex simulations which, unlike many similar programs have good graphics support. EMPIRE is a 'ruler' simulation but unlike others is based on history being set in the Mediterranean between 1480 and 145 BC. You may fight the armies of surrounding countries or try diplomacy in an attempt to complete your reign of your chosen country. The style is very much that of wargaming. RAILKING is set in the USA at the time of the early railroads and is a game for 1 to 4 players in which you must try and amass a fortune by building railroads and moving goods between places. This has graphics and a save game feature and you may play against friends or the computer. A very extensive playing manual is on the disk. Finally NORAD is a sort of adventure/ simulation in which you must hack your way into the Whitehouse Defence computer. There are few clues and a lot of brainwork required. These are all good quality simulations that will give you many hours of pleasure.