#68 - The Final Frontier


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As you might have guessed - Space. A whole collection of mainly arcade style games set in space many in machine language with spectacular graphics. ALIEN Is a vertically scrolling shoot em up with aliens that split and bounce around the screen. ROTO finds you with a Jet-pack hovering around caverns trying to rescue lost canisters and is similar to some commercial games with some fine horizontal scrolling. ROCKS has great graphics and is a lander style game in which you have to land and gain fuel before docking again with the mother ship. There are thousands of pieces of rock debris in orbit around the planet to hinder you, all excellently detailed and worth seeing. MALPASS is Defender or as close as you can get, excellent scrolling and shooting. MOONLORD is more in the simulation vein with you in control of a starshlp cruising around the galaxy defending and attacking. Again the graphics are very good. OUTPOST2 is a simpler starship game in which you must choose weapons to clear different sectors. WARRIOR gives you the view from your cockpit as you shoot Incoming enemy craft. Finally, a break from space with AMAZE, a sort of futuristic Pacman in machine language for fast action. There are too many here to explain in more detail. All but two are in machine language and the disk represents an excellent collection of arcade games.