#69 - More Passionate Music


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If you recall the excellent PASSIONATELY from an earlier disk, here is more of the same together with an interesting history of the Advanced Music Processor used to create the tunes. Several of these tunes were written for Datasoft commercial games but not used. Find out what the music for ALTERNATE REALITY might have been like. Other tunes include AIRSTRIKE, COSMIC, MONSTER and ROBOTMAN. Also on this disk are a collection of German tunes similar to Tico-Tico and they prove just what you can achieve on the Atari In Basic, you will be impressed! These include AMORADA, FIRECRACKER and SYNTHE. There are also a number of other types of music including such titles as STARLITE, MUSIK, OXYGENE, SPANISH EYES, IN THE MOOD, HIGH NOON and MADBOOGY. If that's not enough the disk is rounded off with a couple of nice graphics demos including one in machine language that may well hypnotise you!