#70 - Voyage Through Time


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Two superb machine language arcade games written by David Castell who wrote the 1st XLENT Word Processor! These are two scenarios in which you control a Space Fighter sent back in time. VOYAGE1 Is set in 1 Million BC in which you must rescue a stranded pilot from a raft. There are many hazards such as sea monsters, volcanoes, storms etc. to hinder you and control of you Fighter is not easy at the best of times. VOYAGE2 is a similar but Is set in Mediaeval times and requires you to rescue a King. Both games are fairly simple in concept yet extremely challenging to play. There are many options and even on the most basic level you will find controlling your fighter quite a task. If you manage to succeed on either game with option 9 then you are an arcade gamer par excellence! These are big games each taking around a couple of hundred sectors and the disk contains full Instructions. We have however managed to squeeze just one more game on and it is another ML game, AMPHIBIAN, with an evolution theme. You begin life as a tadpole, quickly becoming a frog and you must survive by knocking off various dinosaurs? Good graphics in this one.