#73 - Dandy Dungeon


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Gauntlet fans will love this one for it is the very game that gave rise to the famous Gauntlet and although the graphics may not be quite as good, many say that it is much more playable. The Dandy Dungeon is 26 levels deep and Is an adventure for 1 to 4 players working together to fight their way through each level. You will encounter monsters of varying nastiness, find food, money and keys to give you access to other levels. You must keep an eye on your Health, Food reserves and more at all times, help your friends survive, and revive them if necessary. The game is challenging can be fast paced and the graphics are very good with fine scrolling in all directions. When, and if, you complete all 26 levels supplied, Dandy Dungeon allows you to create new dungeons with the Dungeon Editor. Dungeon levels can be printed out for mapping or study and you could go on creating challenging dungeons forever. 'ibis is another of those games which was available commercially many years ago and is now available in the public domain. Well worth the modest price and a must for every adventure gamer.