#74 - Star Lords


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An excellent simulation with good graphics, very reminiscent of Star Raiders without the arcade element Set in the 27th Century when new advances in physics have led to the discovery of portals in space allowing access to many other galaxies and worlds. Dozens of new worlds have been colonised and a few have gained independence and have sort to dominate others. Bloody feuds have arisen and now Star Lords have been appointed to command unmanned ships and robot satellites to settle disputes in the far reaches of space without loss of human life. You are one of these Star Lords and you must compete with up to 3 other Star Lords for control of the universe. The game, which can be saved at any stage, allows 1 to 4 players and up to 3 computer players, has 40 worlds to conquer, 30 fleets to command and up to 1999 ships. It is fairly complex and challenging yet can be set up for beginners up to expert players, suggestions for play are included. Full rules of play are on the disk and may be printed out to screen or printer. If you wish we can supply a printed and fully formatted copy of the documentation for 1 extra. Another excellent program that will take many hours to master and will provide many months of play.