#75 - Chasing Games


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A nice collection of maze type games plus some excellent demos and a couple of real mind challengers. The games are ROLLEM, a challenging machine language game, in which you have to paint the floor of a maze whilst avoiding nasties by keeping out of their way or shutting gates on them. Another machine language game is KEYCHASE, one of the fastest games around - just collect keys before the alien thing collects you but It is so fast you'll have a job to survive. DRAGON finds you in a ladders and platforms environment trying to spit fire at food that constantly changes, a fight against time, this one. MMANIAC Is much more relaxed but still time based, you explore a multi-screen maze collecting stars, can be quite puzzling BOX Is a chase with a difference in which you have to box in the nestle rather than shoot it, a bit more thought required here. When you have finished chasing try MBUSTERS a simple(?) pattern matching game that will really scramble your brain. This is not a children's game and may well scramble the brain of the most able adult? To round off there are a couple of interesting demos.