#76 - Copymate 4.3


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Several readers have asked for a good fast sector copier but the one we have been using for the library was a commercial program and could not be distributed. Here however is a good fast public domain sector copier that is now in full time use at PAGE 6, it is much better than the commercial one! This will copy a single sided disk in one pass on a 13OXE or two passes on a 65XE or 800XL and it is fast! Any number of copies can be made from the original. It will work on any system but Is especially fast used on a single 1050 fitted with the US Doubler - if you have that combination you need this copier! You will find this ideal for backing up data disks for databases, word processors, Print Shop data disks and the like and also for making back up copies of PAGE 6 disks. Any time you need a back up and you need it fast, reach for Copymate! Use for single, 1050 enhanced or double density. Not for copy-protected programs.

BOOT with or without BASIC. For documentation use another disk to boot, type DOS and use option C to copy COPYMAR43.DOC to E: for screen or P: to printer