#77 - Kids Fun 1


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Here's a disk for the youngsters that are in their early school years. If they are getting to grips with letters and numbers this may help them along. The disk is divided into four sections - a number of pictures for the younger ones (our 4 year old loves them!) followed by ALPHARUN in which a car must be driven round collecting either numbers or letters in strict order, an ideal way to reinforce a child's understanding of the alphabet or counting, with several options. Older children can play DRAGON in which the dragon chooses the correct answer from different choices such as What Colour or What Is Different. Although many questions are American based the program can be easily altered. Finally there is a game for the youngsters who can control the joystick, FROGGIE which requires the frog to catch flies with his tongue, a welcome change from learning! A few nice programs which, unlike most educational programs on the Atari, are suitable for children who have started school rather than pre-school children.