#79 - Adventure Puzzler


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A couple of text adventures, one similar to the Super Adventures on previous disks, and a really superb picture puzzle to scramble your brain! The first adventure is DEADLY in which you spend a night in your deceased Uncle Henry's mansion hoping that you are going to inherit his fortune. Trouble is that the other five beneficiaries of the will are also staying there and one of them is determined to be the sole surviving heir! This is a very long text adventure that will have you puzzling for hours. The other adventure is NIGHTSHADE which, whilst basically text input, is presented more graphically with all action on the one screen showing exits, objects, inventory etc. You start in Denny's bedroom and your first major problem is just to get out! That is hard enough but when the troll appears things get even worse! This is one of those adventures where you can feel really pleased just to have got out of the first location but the going must get easier after that - or does It? The final program is MPUZZLER which breaks Mlcropainter, or any 62 sector format picture file, up into 122 blocks, scrambles them and challenges you to put it back together! Difficult as it is, but when some of the pieces are also rotated it can be a real nightmare! There are two pictures on the disk for you to try your hand but any other 62 sector pictures will work. This will give you hours and hours of fun and you could even set up timed picture solving competitions with your friends.