#80 - Holiday Time


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A disk put together by a US user group for the Christmas holidays to provide fun for all the family. Here you will find a wide selection of programs, not Just Christmas programs, that provide ideal family entertainment. There is a section of Christmas fun with pictures and tunes on a Christmas theme that the kids will love, including a nice one where you can put all the lights on a Christmas tree with a joystick as the music plays. A bit of educational fun can't do any harm and the CASTLE game provides just that with a challenge of building a castle by recognising various geometric shapes or formulas, one of the few programs for slightly older children. Pride of place on the disk has to be a GREAT CHESS GAME that is one of the best games of its type. It is probably not too Intelligent so it may be the ideal game for those who are fed up with being beaten by the computer. SOLITAIRE is a fine card game with the familiar red on black descending cards and building foundations. A couple of games round things off with MAZERIDE requiring you to find your way out of a maze with a 3-D viewpoint. It has several options including leaving a trail of where you have been and peeking at the map. Finally there is SPIES a simple text based game that has you guessing where the spies are on a grid. Note that a couple of the programs on this disk are also on earlier disks but as the disk has been put together very well we decided to leave it as it is. It is nice to see a user group taking as much care as we do over the presentation of their disks.