#81 - Fast Fun


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Yet another collection of mainly machine code games that are fast and furious fun. In BUCKS you fly a helicopter and bomb the ground below trying to dig up buried money. All the time you must avoid bombs being dropped by a passing plane. Some excellent explosions and other effects make this one well worth seeing. BUGGY is a sort of Pole Position on sand or dodgems in the desert! You must drive your buggy across the sand without bumping all the other buggies otherwise you will loose time. Another one with good graphics. CRYSTAL is a space shoot out with a difference in that you need to work out Just what to shoot and when to shoot to succeed. You need to blast a special crystal but it is protected by a force field so you must figure out how to get to it. If you do destroy it you get the chance to access the Crystal Caverns where the purpose of your mission is discovered. PARALLAX is fast and furious with your ship on a grid being attacked from all four sides by missile launchers. You need to clear the grid whilst keeping four eyes on the sides! Sounds simple but it is fast and with great sonics, a lot seems to happen and it is quite a challenge. BUMPBALL is a sort of pinball with sliding bumpers with which you must deflect balls in to various pockets to score points. Not as easy as it might seem and quite frustrating at times. CHISELLER is multiple Breakout but you do need paddles to play. With two bats and two or more balls in play this adds considerably to the challenge of one of the most addictive games of all time. TRACER Is a sort of worms In space in which you must avoid the bulls of three other ships and try to survive longer than they do. Another familiar theme but well done and challenging. In machine code so it is a lot smoother than earlier games of this type. A nice relaxing game of golf might be just what you need after all that blasting and last, but not least, is PROGOLF, the only non-machine language game but still a lot of fun. Choose your club and choose the direction, get on the green and the hole comes up on screen for the final put. Quite a nice little game to round off an excellent collection.