#82 - Super Adventures 6


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A couple of extra long adventures in the 'Super series' plus a very good simulation since another adventure wouldn't fit on the disk! The first adventure is MOUSE short for The Mouse That Ate Chicago! Four man-eating mice are threatening to eat the city of Chicago and it is your duty as a concerned citizen to stop them at all costs. Each of these monster mice has its own weakness and you must discover what it is in order to destroy them. Hunt high and low and you will succeed but don't get too close, it could be dangerous! ROBIN, our second adventure is all about Robin of Sherwood in which you play the legendary Robin Hood with all of your merry men cavorting about the forest of Sherwood. You are sure to meet up with the Sheriff, Friar Tuck, Maid Marion and all for for great fun. The simulation is PARAVIA, a kingdom type game with a difference in that it has graphic representation of your progress and can be played by up to 6 players. Set in a 15th century Italian City-State you duty is to rise through the ruling classes to become king or queen by managing the economy wisely. The computer will plot your progress with a map of the expanding or retracting state and the strength of your defences and condition of your serfs etc. You may chose from four levels of Apprentice, Journeyman, Master or Grand Master so play can still be challenging as you improve your skills. A nice mixture of text and graphics and unusual in allowing either one or up to 6 players. A disk for thinkers.

AUTOBOOT with BASIC. System reset will re-boot. Hold trigger or key after pressing Reset to boot direct to Menu.