#83 - Games Arena


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A varied collection of games with something to please most users. ARENA is a fine game in which you race around a huge arena collecting gems within a time limit whilst avoiding force fields. Sounds easy but what makes it a real challenge is that you can only see a tiny proportion of the arena on the screen at any one time and you have to think and move fast. ACROBAT is a great little game with simple graphics and animation but with enormous appeal. Just run your little animated man along a track and jump or somersault over fences and obstructions. Perfect timing is needed and you keep coming back for morel ASSAULT Is a Missile Command style space shoot out where you must zap the aliens before they zap the city, quite good. A couple of machine language games follow with HARVY the rabbit collecting numbers and pushing back the closing walls whilst avoiding the electric fence. MONEYHUNG is a game where you run around ever more complicated mazes collecting the money and trying to avoid bumping into something nasty! CHASE is a fine two player, shoot each other, game with a maze that looks very similar to PacMan, simple graphics but, again, good game play. TUGOFWAR is quite unusual being a thinking tug of war between two players where you have to work out what number to enter to get the best 'pull', quite thought provoking. Finally we have ADVNTI8L which is a classic role playing adventure complete with hit points, strength points etc., fighting. attacking, buying, selling, eating, magic, monsters and all. Hours of fun with a new kingdom to explore for all those interested in fantasy style games.