#84 - Fighting & Finding


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Some long programs make up this disk, again a mix of games to appeal to all. On the fighting front there is one of the very few KUNGFU games available on the 8 bit in which you must fight the computer with a variety of jumps, kicks and punches. In SMURF you are one of those funny creatures of the same name and have to frog along through forests and caves, jumping obstacles until you succeed in the final quest, whatever that is! This one's quite hard to succeed in and takes a bit of working out how to get over the various obstacles. DIAMONDS Is a unique little game In which you must collect diamonds by joining them together whilst killing the nasties either by throwing rocks or diamonds at them, you'll have to think out the best strategy. KONG is a platforms and ladders game where you rescue the damsel from the ugly and evil Kong, keeping out of his way and avoiding all the barrels and things he throws down at you. Final one is BIGQUEST, an arcade adventure where you explore room after room of a huge castle, finding keys and hidden pearls and avoiding ghosts and the like. As the name says this Is a big quest that will keep you busy for hours.