#87 - Graphics Machine 2


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Another fabulous demo, similar to disk #53 but with one or two even better graphics and sound examples. A couple of the demos on this disk are repeats from disk #53 but due to the nature of the disk which is composed of one continuous demo we couldn't take them out. Never mind they are well worth watching again. All the demos have great music with some stunning graphics mostly in Graphics 9 such as a mind blowing wave that's almost impossible to describe, something like a solid gold tube that bends and floats across the screen! There's a neat piano roll type demo, a couple of kaleidoscopes with music that you could watch for hours on end and an animated rock band? One kaleidoscope is in Graphics 8 and is extremely fast and strobe like, looks great with the lights turned off. Don't worry If you haven't got an ST, and be proud if you don't want one, because demos like this can match much of what has been done so far on the ST. This shows you what the XL and XE can do, It's a pity that a few more programmers don't turn all this fabulous graphics power into commercial software!