#88 - Thinking Games


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Some games for those who like to think rather than react or who are perhaps not as fast on the joystick. First up we have REFLECT which is a version of Othello that is played against the computer. If this is too easy, try EUCHRE, a card game similar to bridge in which you play with a computer partner against two computer opponents trying to get the most tricks, it would probably help if you knew the rules of Euchre or had a card game reference book handy, but you can pick It up without. WAR! is, we believe, an ancient African game in which counters or beads are passed round a board containing a number of your counters in certain bowls (or something like that, you'll soon get the hang of It!). SWITCH is a fascinating two player game, that can also be played by one, which is something like a fairground bagatelle where you have to release balls which get trapped on flippers and then release other balls to release them and so on. Difficult to explain but fun to play and it takes a lot of working out to determine how to get the best score. TRUCKER is a text simulation of driving a truck loaded with different goods across the USA. Do you go to sleep? Do you break the speed limit? Will you get the goods delivered in time? Finally there is TACTWAR, a good board type strategic battle game in which you deploy infantry, tanks etc. to battle against the computer. Excellent graphics on this one with the familiar hexagons for the battle field.