#89 - Diverse Action


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Some easy, some quite hard but all with an element of action to keep your joystick tuned. There's MIAMI ICE where you drive a dragster around an ice rink, a task that verges on the almost Impossible! WORM is one of the caterpillar chasing his tail games in which you eat mushrooms and grow longer and try not to hit anything. This has lots of screens and is one of the best of this type of game. DARKSTAR is on a similar theme but Is in machine code and gives some fast action with spectacular exploding endings, one of those simple but addictive games. HIGHRISE is a platforms and ladders game with a difference, it has lifts! You need to run along the girders trying to catch the next lift going up before a swooping bird or a flying saucer(?) catch you, another one in machine code. Fancy a game of noughts and crosses? No? well FRUSTRATION is different, an all action noughts and crosses games in which you have to beat the computer or an opponent in filling in a grid with your crosses before their noughts, sounds easy but it's not hence the title. MINER JACK is one of the familiar digging for gold tunnelling games and is similar to most others, not special but still quite playable and worth a go. TOWN ATTACK is in compiled Basic and is a sort of reverse Missile Command in which the objective is to try and bomb the cities while avoiding the ships that are trying to protect them. This one is hard as ships tend to appear out of nowhere right In front of you but a bit of study will reveal a pattern to allow you to survive, even so you won't blast through it in a couple of minutes. To round off there is SKYDIVER, the old parachute game, which will give the kids some fun or the grandads if they are not quite fast enough on the trigger!