#90 - Atari Excels


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It sure does! Here is a 100% machine code demo disk with a difference in that you can actually take part in one or two of the programs, including a fantastic drum machine program which allows you to record drum sequences of literally thousands of beats and replay them! The disk starts out with a couple of music and graphics demos to amaze you called SLOT MACHINE. Nothing to do with slot machines, just great GTIA graphics. Next is an excellent tune by The Outsider that stretches the sound potential of the machine to its limits. A kaleidoscope follows which can play for hours on end and where the patterns can be frozen from the keyboard. JANES PROGRAM allows you to drop blocks and bounce them about, impressive but really written for children, this one is also on an earlier disk. Now comes RYTHMISER which is fantastic if you fancy yourself as Phil Collins. A full set of drums and percussion is available from the keyboard and you can play any sequence you like for almost as long as you like and then have it played back to you at different speeds. You can save tracks and reload them or try out the built in demo which will show just how good the program can be. Quite unique this one and a whole lot of fun. If you like music you will be bowled over by THE ROTBERG SYNTHESISER which was quite famous a few years back and intended for commercial release but never quite made it. This is a demo version with five tunes and BOLERO in particular is brilliant. You tell us if you have ever heard better music on your Atari! The disk finishes up with a demo put out by Atari in the US to show what the Atari computers can do and may be Interesting to new users. Old hands will already know how good this old Atari is.

Boot with or without BASIC