#91 - Into the Labyrinth


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Big games on this one starting with a machine language 3-D maze called LABYRINTH which is similar to the quite well known Way Out from Sirius Software or the earlier 3-D motorcycle mazes. Whizz around the maze trying to collect jewels before your battery runs down, turning comers at breathtaking speed, a great illusion of fast 3-D movement and a large maze to explore. Next is QUEST, a dungeons and dragons style game similar to the early Ultima games in which you fight monsters, find treasure, buy potions and everything else you would expect in a magical world, this one is a good graphic based adventure style game that will give those with a sense of adventure some interesting hours of play. Last up is a pinball game from the well known Pinball Construction Set Not much to say about pinball, except that you can get hooked either on your own or with up to three friends. Pity there not room for more but as we said these are all long games.