#93 - Look to the Stars


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For lovers of astronomy or astrology, a disk devoted to the heavens with programs that are educational as well as useful. Firstly there is a well-documented shareware program called MOONTRACKER which combines astronomy and astrology with a little mysticism. The first part charts the position of the sun and moon at any given time on any given day whilst the second part is a farmers almanac exploring the effects of the moon on the planting and cultivation of crops. If you want to know the best time to plant your onions or water your cabbages, this will tell you! Quite fascinating even if you are not Into organic gardening! STARGAZE is an astronomy quiz which will test your knowledge of the stars or explain the constellations. PLANETRM is a similar program showing the major constellations In graphic form for you to try and recognise in the night sky. HORIZON is for those who want to go into astronomy a little more deeply and tells you where to look for a given star or planet giving such details as the angle of azimuth and angle of rising or setting of a star at any time or latitude. STARENC allows you to check the probability of a star colliding with the Earth in the future, trouble is what do you do when you find out when It's going to happen? Last one Is MAROONED, a simple game in which you must identify a planet from increasing amounts of information, in order to rescue your spaceship. Many of the programs on this disk are ideal for introducing youngsters to astronomy of for testing their knowledge.