#94 - The Gay Nineties


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Another set of tunes using the Composer's Jukebox introduced way back with disk #55 with each tune being graphically displayed on a piano keyboard as it is played. These are all songs from the Victorian Music Hall days (or at least they are supposed to be but there is probably a degree of artistic license!) and all are well composed using lots of chords, no single finger stuff here! Most of the older users will know these tunes and maybe this is just the disk to get Mum to take an interest in the Atari? See If you can work out the tunes from the filenames which are THEBALL, ROSIE, ADALINE, TRAPEZE, TULIP, BOWERY, HOTTIME, PARK, TAVERN, BOOMDEAY, BILBAILEY, DINGDONG, DARKTOWN, PEGGY, BAND, HELLO, OLDS, MYGAL, TRALEE and EASTSIDE. Some nice music, better than some of the stuff on Top of the Pops!