#95 - Super Adventures 7


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Three more great text adventures to puzzle and intrigue you in the established style of earlier disks. ALASKAN ADVENTURE finds you In the cold wastes of Alaska where fifteen treasures are buried in the snow or hidden in nearby igloos. First thing you'll need to do though is to find a parka, otherwise you'll freeze to death. DANGER IS MY BUSINESS is set In the jungles of India where you play the part of a mercenary whose job It Is to rescue the daughter of the American Ambassador. She has been kidnapped and is out there in the jungle ... somewhere! The final adventure, BENEATH THE TEMPLE OF ZEUS Is a slightly different format to the others but just as enjoyable with supernatural elements, mystery and suspense. The story unfolds as you play, there are no hints at the beginning but the title conveys the atmosphere nicely. Three long, interesting adventures.