#96 - Play with Music


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Loads and loads of music with a couple of players that are quite different. The tunes are all composed with Music Composer but the stand alone MUSIC SYNTHESISER player allows you to change the parameters of each tune as you play it back. Change the attack, decay, volume drop and vibrato of each phrase in a song. Change the tempo and hear it again. There is no end to the fun you can have playing around with the forty two tunes on this disk! If you are Into programming however there is a great listing called PLAYMBD which allows you to take any of the modified tunes on the disk and play them in the vertical blank which means you can add music to any of your programs! The listing is fully commented and it really is easy to add the code to your own programs or add extra programming to the existing listing. Now your programs, however simple, can be really professional! There are over FIFTY tunes on this disk, far too many to list