#101 - X-Word


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An on-screen crossword puzzle with 26 puzzles to solve, that's XWORD, but be warned many of them are quite hard! Boot up the disk and you get a full crossword grid with clues coming up one by one for you to solve. Type in your answers and progress down the puzzle. Special features include a help screen, the ability to peek at the first letter in a word, give up and have the word inserted for you, highlight errors you may have made, save the puzzle you are working on and load back a semi-solved puzzle. If you have ever enjoyed solving a conventional crossword puzzle you will love the Atari version. Also on this disk is TRAPPED, a 1 player versus computer or 2 player game set on a 10 square grid in which the player with one playing piece tries to outwit and trap the player with three pieces. Sounds easy but It is in fact a quite complex little strategy game.