#106 - Diskmaster


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Probably the best sector editor and all round disk utility we have ever come across with a set of documentation as large as the program and which itself is a goldmine of information about the structure of disk files and how to properly use a sector editor and other disk utilities. There are several sections to this utility - DIRECTORY, SECTOR, VTOC, ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE and UTILITIES. Directory mode gives full information about the directory of a disk including the starting sector, length and status of each file and allows you to lock or unlock files or recover deleted files. Sector mode allows you to check and amend any sector on the disk, move sectors to other parts of the disk and find hex or ASCII strings. VTOC mode displays a bit map of the disk and allows you to edit the map as well as showing the location on disk of the last traced file. In Assembly Language mode, traced files can be disassembled to the screen or a printer and files can be modified as you go. The Utilities allow you to format in single or enhanced density, zero sectors, check drive speed, verify files and make sure that the VTOC on your disk is correct. It is impossible to mention all the detail of this program but the very extensive documentation takes you through every feature step by step in a tutorial manner and the appendices present much useful information on disk structure.