#107 - DOS 2.5 Reference Guide


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This could possibly be one of the most requested disks of all time! There are now thousands of users of DOS 2.5 but how many have actually got any documentation on this version of DOS? How many fully understand each of the commands available? This unique tutorial will take you through DOS 2.5 step by step, beginning with an overview of the DOS system including sections on DOS.SYS, DUP.SYS, FORMATTING, FILENAMES, WILDCARDS, DENSITIES, BASIC PROGRAMS, the 130XE RAMDISK and DISK UTILITIES This Is followed by a mock DOS 2.5 menu on which you can select any of the commands available and be presented with a short tutorial on how that command operates and is used. This disk is mainly for beginners or those not overly familiar with DOS as it contains no advanced technical information. It is simple to understand and if you are at all unclear on the full use of DOS 2.5 could prove to be invaluable.