#108 - Kitten Capers


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More top quality games that we believe originated from Germany but you don't need to speak German as the instructions are provided in English. A nice selection, all of good quality, including AGENT815 which is very similar to Spy vs Spy in which you have to guide your secret agent around various rooms lifting up the furniture to discover hidden bombs before the time runs out and the house explodes. REVOLVER is a cowboy shooting game similar to an old VCS title in which you must shoot bottles with a limited number of bullets while avoiding the cacti and rocks that litter the desert. JUMPGHOST is a platform game with a slight difference in that you are a ghost who floats over the obstacles in your path. CAVES is one of the underground lander games that seem to have disappeared of late. You must control your craft and pick up fuel avoiding all walls and obstacles, not as easy as it might seem! For a fairly unique platform game try KITTEN in which the player is a small kitten that jumps around in long or short leaps and bounces on the furniture in an attempt to find all the food in the house. A nicely done game with a theme that differentiates it from most other platform games. Finally DEFENDER 3000 requires you to zap incoming bombs with your laser beam before they land and destroy the city. Not original or particularly brilliant but worth a good few goes. A good varied selection of games for every taste.