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Some really heavyweight machine language utilities for the more advanced user, all of which are fully and most comprehensively documented. Only a brief outline is possible here as the documentation runs into a dozen or so pages. First up is DUD.OBJ which is a Dataset Utility Dump ported over from the IBM world which allows dumps to printer or screen of any DOS file, any memory address range or any disk sectors. Use of each of these is fully explained. SHADOW.OBJ is a file copy/disk reorganisation utility that can copy a whole batch of selected files in one go, copy from single to double density, make damaged disks usable by mapping out faulty sectors and more. It will also copy DOS.SYS across to another disk which few other copiers can cope with. PROBJ.OBJ is a general purpose utility for manipulating object files. It can produce a RAM address map of the segments in a file together with the associated disk sectors, produce a new load file with 'compressed' segments to save on disk space, allow a single load file to be broken into different segments and zap bytes in the new load file. Very comprehensive instructions are included for this one. The final two are BLOC, a stand alone utility for compressing binary load files to save disk space and TRANS, the original Atari XL fixer to enable your XL or XE to run as an old 400/800. A great set of utilities for more advanced users, all in machine code and, uniquely, with a very comprehensive set of instructions.