#111 - Xagon Times


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An excellent set of games that originate mostly from Germany with one superb machine language game from Australia. EDITOR Is a well presented simulation in which you run a newspaper and attempt to increase the circulation by hiring the right combination of journalists and photographers, setting the proper assignments and choosing the best stories to run. DOFF is a challenging game of moving your man around to eat various items of fruit while avoiding all obstacles and snakes that appear as the fruit is eaten. DANGER HUNT is a Krypton Factor type obstacle course in which you must cross rivers, swing on ropes, avoid rolling boulders etc. Not a fast paced game but very challenging requiring precise timing. The star of the show is XAGON from Australia, a top quality arcade game in Qbert fashion in which you hop over a grid of hexagons depressing each hexagon as you go. You must avoid nasties and collect money. This really could have been a top commercial game, it is better than many! Last is MINE RESCUE, a familiar 'digger' game in which you must rescue trapped miners and put them in the cage to bring them to the surface. Avoid the gas!