#118 - Aftermath Capitalisation


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A text adventure set in a future that has returned to the past It has been forty long years since the last bombs fell and since then man, having been used to leading a pampered life, has plunged into a second dark age. Science and technology have all but been forgotten as all the thinkers perished in the last great conflict. Only those who were underground at the time survived and there had been very few. Life, although a constant struggle for most, has been relatively easy for you. Being the Chief's eldest you've lead a somewhat carefree life assuming that you would take over when your father retired, but lately things have changed. Kreb, your jerk of a cousin, has convinced the Chief that because of your easy life you aren't fit to tend goats much less the needs of the village. Needless to say with you disinherited he is next in line for Chief so unless you do something soon to impress the villagers, it looks like Kreb will take over and you'll end up a dung shoveller, or worse! Try your luck! Also on this disk is SAUCER, a machine language adventure set in a strangely deserted town. Where are all the people?