#120 - Jumping Jacks


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More games from the Germans who have the knack of writing some top class games in Basic. WOMBEL is a strange game in which you guide a duck round (maybe an eider?) to melt various ice blocks and collect some gems, takes some thinking to work out just what you are supposed to achieve but very well written. In BANKPANIC you must shoot robbers but not customers as they pop up like a life size shooting range with characters the full height of the screen. An excellent game that Is similar to a military or police shooting range where innocent or not so innocent figures leap out at you. You must decide good or bad, instantly. JUMPER2 and NASEN JACK are two platform games in one of which you use lifts to collect treasures on each level and in the other you collect pots of gold in an underground cavern making sure you avoid the bats. As the last pot of gold is collected a ladder descends enabling access to another level. A couple of well written platform games. The final one is FOOTRACE, a simple 'bet on the horses' game for several players, except there are no horses, just runners!