#125 - The Nine Treasures


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The Nine Treasures of The Crystal Cluster is a sort of space action adventure in which you must visit various planets to rediscover the nine lost treasures. As it says in the intro - 'this one person role-playing adventure should be taken as a youth's fairy-tale for adults. Tumultuous Richard is a wizard-fighter, hopefully aligned with the forces of good. He knows much more about the secrets behind the Nine Treasures of Crystal Cluster. He has been appointed ambassador between the 'Higher Beings United Federation' and the fledgling, yet advanced civilisation on Earth. Earth is being tested and your reactions to the Treasures may have something to do with the final test results. Tumultuous Richard's ambassadorship with the Higher Beings allows him to weave many mini adventures. This has become part of a larger story that involves the possible transition upward towards mankind's ultimate potential.' As we said at the beginning a sort of space action adventure!